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The Benefits of Aluminum Outdoor Stackable Chairs

If you’re a business with an outdoor location or a homeowner with a patio setup, chances are that you’ve got outdoor chairs. When the weather is nice, these chairs are great for offering seating by the pool or outdoor table. However, if the weather is poor or the seasons are changing, you may want to store them somewhere to keep them from getting damaged or blowing away. If you’ve ever tried to store loose chairs in a shed or other storage area, you know how much room they can take up. Your shed becomes a jumbled mess of chairs every which way, falling when you try to grab them. Fortunately, with outdoor stackable chairs you can save a ton of room and organize your storage to maximize space.

Why Stackable Chairs?
Stackable chairs are what you would expect – chairs that can be stacked. Their bases are made wider than the tops, which allows the base of the top chair to fit over the arm rests of the bottom chair. In many cases you can stack them 4, 5, or even more high if you decide to. When you stack the chairs, they are easier to store because they take up less floor space. However, they also become heavier, making it safer to leave the chairs outside during a wind storm if you don’t have storage to keep them in. Couple that with a cover for the stack and you’re in good shape all winter, as long as you choose an aluminum chair.

Why Aluminum Chairs?
When it comes to longevity of your chairs, the materials are one of the primary factors. Aluminum is naturally resistant to rusting, lightweight, and resilient in outdoor conditions. When you use aluminum for the base of the chair, it can stay out in all kinds of weather. Choosing to use aluminum outdoor stackable chairs gives you the convenience of stacking, the resiliency of aluminum, and all without breaking the bank.

Milor Casual is a supplier of outdoor furniture of all kinds for Coral Springs and the surrounding area. No matter what your use for outdoor stackable chairs, they have a size, style, and color to suit your needs. Take advantage of their wide selection and upgrade the outdoor seating for your home or business. Visit https://www.absolutepowdercoat.com/milorcasual/ to browse their selection and place an order.

Durability of Outdoor Furniture

outdoor furniture

When shopping for outdoor furniture, buyers are generally looking for two things: durability and appearance. The materials that make up outdoor furniture must be able to endure constant exposure to the elements such as heat, rain, snow, and ice. Long lasting material is not the only important factor. The appearance of this furniture is also expected to stand the test of time. Outdoor furniture should still look attractive after spending all year out in the weather.

Outdoor furniture is made out of a variety of materials. A few examples include:


  • Wicker – This can be natural woven wood or a synthetic resin material. It’s lightweight, and has many holes which allow for a nice airflow. Wicker is fast drying, and can be cleaned quickly and easily. This material gives off a rustic vibe that continues to look stylish for many years.


  • Plastic Resin – This material is durable, but can begin to become brittle and crack if exposed to constant heat and sunshine. Plastic furniture performs best in a cooler or rainy environment. One of the good things about plastic resin is it offers a variety of designs and colors so you can find the perfect style for you. Resin is also the most economical.  Not recommended for commercial use.


  • Metal – Metal furniture can have a classic, formal look, and is one of the most durable types of outdoor furniture. Special paint makes it rust resistant, and it’s very hard to bend or break. Though it does look nice and will last for an extended period of time, it can be a bit uncomfortable. This can be remedied with the use of outdoor cushions. These cushions and pillows are made from a fabric made for outdoor use. This material does not absorb water, and is easy to clean.


There are some great options when selecting outdoor furniture. Choose furniture that speaks to your style preferences, as well as performance in the weather conditions of your area. Your new outdoor furniture will create a homey hang out environment for you, your friends, family, and guests.

Why You Need Commercial Aluminum Outdoor Furniture

aluminum outdoor furniture

aluminum outdoor furniture

Managing a business and making that business appealing to customers takes a lot of work. Customer comfort is a top priority for many businesses such as hotels, parks, and restaurants. That often means providing your customers with a nice place to sit and relax. If you’re looking for commercial furniture that offers affordability, durability, and quality, then consider commercial aluminum outdoor furniture.

The Benefits of Aluminum

Some people think aluminum furniture is low-quality when compared to other types of commercial outdoor furniture. They are often surprised to know that aluminum furniture is actually a very practical choice for both residential and commercial use for a number of reasons. Benefits of aluminum include:

● Durability and water resistance. Aluminum furniture can last over 10 years, and is invulnerable to rust.
● Lightweight and easy to move or stack. Compared to other commercial furniture materials, aluminum is easy to maneuver and put away. Don’t let this attribute concern you. Well built aluminum furniture is also sturdy, and won’t blow over in the wind.
● Easy to maintain. Aluminum furniture requires very little maintenance. Simply wash the furniture with a non-abrasive cleaner, and wax the aluminum once a year.
● Does not retain heat like steel or iron. Some outdoor furniture can get very hot while sitting in the sun. Aluminum doesn’t retain as much heat, which is perfect for keeping customers comfortable during summer months.
● Attractive and versatile styles. Aluminum furniture comes in almost any style and color to accent your existing decor.
● Affordability. Aluminum outdoor furniture is a cost-effective solution for a number of reasons. The upfront cost is economical, and the furniture lasts so you don’t have to keep replacing it.

Who Buys Aluminum Furniture?
Many businesses choose commercial aluminum outdoor furniture because of the many great features it provides. Aluminum furniture is ideal for:

● Hotels and Motels
● Apartments and Condos
● Resorts
● Restaurants
● Swim Parks and Amusement Parks
● Golf Courses
● Cruise Ships
● Parks
● And Much More!

So, if your business needs quality outdoor furniture that your customers will love, go with aluminum outdoor furniture.

Differences Between Old And New Vinyl Straps On Outdoor Aluminum Patio Furniture

The vinyl we use to strap our outdoor aluminum patio furniture has a 90 durometer (measures hardness) and is used almost exclusively in the manufacture of outdoor furniture.

Some differences between old and new vinyl are listed below:

Old Vinyl

-Older vinyl will become stiff, particularly if it is continuously exposed to the elements

-Has less memory

-Loses softness as plasticizer evaporates from the straps

-Straps are harder in colder weather

-Light colored straps are harder


New Vinyl:

-Newly extruded vinyl is soft supple

-Possesses considerable memory or resiliency

-Gives with weight placed on it and conform to shape of the weight and returns to straight position once weight is removed

-Straps are softer in warmer weather

-Dark colored straps are softer


It is not possible to predict how long it will take vinyl strap to become harder. So much depends upon the care and conditions under which strap exists. Daily exposure to the sun accelerates the process. There is no way to compare newly strapped furniture to furniture that has been outside for several years.

Did You Know That Milor Casual Is a Green Company?

outdoor furniture logo green

Milor Casual is proud to say that we are a green company.  

The definition of a green company, according to Wikipedia, is a company that acts, or claims to act, in a way which minimizes damage to the environment.  The truth is that everything single thing we do every day has an impact on the planet — good or bad. The good news is that as individuals or a company, we have the power to control most of our choices and, therefore, the impact we create: from where we live to what we buy, eat, and use to light our home  and business to where and how we vacation, to how we shop or vote, we can have global impact.  

 At Milor Casual, we realize that when we throw things away, they actually aren’t being thrown away but are going somewhere that affects our environment.  Therefore, we recycle as much of our products we can when we are making or refinishing our outdoor patio furniture for hotels, condominiums, waterparks, and resorts.   Our chemicals, such as our powder-coatngs, are diluted before put anything into sewage.  

Outdoor Patio Furniture Made In the USA

We are proud to say that our outdoor aluminum furniture is made in the United States and shipped all over the world to various resorts, hotels, condominiums and water parks.   Our furniture is made in our warehouse using only products made in the USA.  We use American made aluminum, steal hardware, vinyl strapping and sling.  Our powder for our powder-coating finish is also made in the USA.
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For more information, please visit our website: Milor Casual

Transporting Outdoor Furniture With Ease

In addition to the aluminum outdoor furniture we make, we now off the Monster Cart and Monster Wagon. The Monster Cart and Monster Wagon are the latest products invented by Milor Casual to help in the process of moving Outdoor Furniture when needed. For example, beach resorts have the daily need to gather the beach lounges at the end of the day, and therefore have to relocate all the beach lounges to a single location. Monster Cart and Wagon are ideal for that and work nicely in any surface, especially on sand. They make it effortless.

Visit our website for more information about the Monster Cart and Monster Wagon

Key Features

  • The monster cart and wagon are made with structural grade channel for added strength.
  • They are made with heavy duty commercial grade aluminum frame that will never rust.
  • Both the monster cart and wagon have non-magnetic stainless steel hardware.
  • The monster cart and the wagon are fully welded.
  • They both have front adapter to accommodate various attachments for hauling and have holes for tie downs and bungee cords.
  • 3/8″ braided poly-rope handle.

Polyurethane Balloon Wheels

  • Tough and puncture resistant
  • Will not mark concrete or paver decks
  • Rolls with ease over sand or tough stone pathways
  • Polypropylene hub and bushing or bearing
  • High Grade Non-Magnetic Stainless Steel Hardware
  • Shrader type valve (maintain correct tire pressure)
  • See how easy it is to repair Balloon Wheels.
  • Glass Filled Plastic Caster Housing (Swivel & Rigid)
  • Sturdy, long lasting, U/V resistant plastic
  • ½” Non-Magnetic Stainless Steel Axle w/ Nylock nut

Accessories Available

  • Ball hitch coupling
  • Aluminum Handle


Frame: Five (5) years from time of purchase on materials and craftsmanship
used under normal conditions.

Wheels & Casters: Six (6) months limited warranty from time of purchase
on materials and workmanship.


Choosing Appropriate Patio Furniture – Wholesale Patio Furniture Florida

When you go on vacation, seeking a bit of fun and sun, it is a safe bet that you are going near one of the big oceans or down to the gulf. So, after a day of frolicking, when you gather after dinner to relive the events, do you stop to consider upon what you are sitting? Is the patio furniture you are sharing with friends made of cumbersome wood? Did you wonder at its weight when you strained to scoot it closer to a companion? Did you get a splinter from aging wood or perhaps broadened your mind during the moment to consider what sort of tree had died so you could sit there?

Such concerns should not belong to a vacationer but to the establishment who is there to provide a memorable stay for its guests. Wooden patio furniture has had its day, back before people began to realize the harm our Green Earth was undergoing by snatching away her trees to make it. The next step in the evolution of patio furniture involved heavy metals. This was better, saving many trees, but the stuff was still ungainly and did not hold up well against sun and salt air. Rusting became a problem, the hardware began to fail, and owners of this new product began to wonder if there might one day be be a lighter, longer-lasting solution to their concerns that wouldn’t empty their pockets.

That day is here in the form of non-magnetic, stainless aluminum. This patio aluminum furniture is so lightweight that a grandmother could handle it as easily as a young man. Anyone living along the Florida peninsula will attest to the effects harsh sun and salt air has on rooftops, border fencing, and their automobile’s finish. That problem is over regarding your furniture that remains outdoors. There is a company that produces powder coated aluminum frames in chair, bench, and lounge profiles that uses double-stretched virgin vinyl to sling the seating or lounging areas. The quality does not end there for these designers realize the importance of durable hardware to hold their furniture together, using only highest grade stainless steel that will hold up for years against that corrosive salt air.

Here is a link that will answer your every question: www.milorcasual.com . Never again wonder if you or your guests are sitting in the best, most affordable patio furniture you will ever own.

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Entertaining Outdoors With Outdoor Furniture in Florida

When you purchase outdoor furniture for your hotel, water park or apartment complex, you want to choose furniture that is durable and long-lasting. Some materials are better suited for outdoor furniture than others. Certain metals may rust when left outside for long periods of time. Other materials need constant care and maintenance to survive the weather and elements outside. Aluminum furniture is ideal of outdoor entertaining.

Unlike other types of metal, such as cast iron or steel, aluminum furniture does not rust, so it stays looking fresh season after season. You do need to care for aluminum furniture a little bit, but the effort involved is not nearly as great as caring for cast iron or wrought iron pieces. Rinsing the furniture off with a spray of water every now and then should be sufficient to keeping it looking great.

Aluminum outdoor furniture is also excellent choice over wooden furniture. While wood furniture is lovely and natural looking, it is considerably more fragile than aluminum metal. Wood rots and decays after constant exposure to damp or wet weather. You’ll need to hire someone to take care of it or do the work yourself, either by re-finishing it every season or by oiling it to protect it. After days or months in the hot sun, wood furniture can also split or warp, completely destroying the furniture.

Furniture designed for use outdoors usually needs to be moved frequently. You may find that you want to stack loungers or chairs when not in use to save space or move chairs from the pool area to another outdoor spot. Cast iron pieces are incredibly heavy to lift, as are some wood pieces. Aluminum chairs and loungers are very lightweight. Instead of needing an entire crew to move a few chairs, a single person can complete the task in only a short period of time.

If you want outdoor furniture that will survive season after season without wear or tear, choose aluminum furniture.

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Shopping for Deck Furniture in Florida

Furniture is one of the important aspects at home that helps to improve the beauty and elegance of the home. However in order to have that beautiful home there is need to purchase the right type of furniture available in all the leading markets in the world.  Aluminium deck furniture is one of the best kinds of furniture that persons can choose to install at home. There are many benefits of using this product and this has led to its high demand in the market today.

One of the benefits of aluminium deck furniture is that it is very durable as compared to other metal and wooden furniture. This is because aluminium is very resistant to rusting or corrosion hence this kind of furniture can be used as indoor or outdoor furniture.

Aluminium is one of the lightest metals on earth, furniture made from aluminium is very light and this enables the user to move the furniture easily as may be required. Cast aluminium patio furniture is a good example of this kind of furniture available in all the leading markets all over the world.

Aluminium deck furniture are very artistic, this is because the designers of the furniture do not have to worry about weight and this enables them to incorporate many features that enhances the outlook of the furniture. Most of the designers use the technique of pouring the liquid metal into a sand cast and include different shapes and designs that cannot be included in the other metal or wooden deck furniture designs.

Aluminium furniture is very convenient to use due to the physical properties of the metal. Wooden furniture has many complications because of the vulnerability of the product to weather conditions. On the other hand aluminium deck furniture can be left outside and still retain it quality unlike wooden furniture that would rot due to high moisture content.

Affordability is one of key factors that consumers consider when buying furniture. Outdoor aluminium furniture is very affordable as compared to other wooden furniture that is made of hard wood products. Customers are able to save some money when they purchase this type of furniture.

Environment is one of the most important aspects on earth that we cannot afford to destroy. Environmentally concerned persons prefer aluminium deck furniture because it does not lead to degradation of the environment unlike wooden furniture that lead to decline of the forests.

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