A: Certainly, contact us for a price quote. Go to our Contact Page and send us an e-mail or call us at 1-800-950-0290
A: Vinyl is manufactured with plasticizer. This makes vinyl soft and supple. This gives vinyl its longevity, because as vinyl ages, it loses its softness and hardens. If vinyl gets too old it will actually crack and split. Vinyl DOES NOT stretch out in time.
A: There is a very fine line as to the proper length to cut vinyl. Certainly there can be errors in cutting the vinyl is too lose, but that is checked for at the factory and is very noticeable. On the other hand vinyl cannot be cut too short or when the vinyl is applied the vinyl will thin out and bottle neck. This is just like when you stretch a rubber band. This is not only unsightly but also decreases the longevity of the vinyl.
A: This is a very relative question. Both have their place in the market and both have their advantages. Here are some points to consider:1) Start up cost – Typically vinyl furniture is less expensive than sling.
2) Style – sling furniture is more stylish and offer more styles to choose from.
3) Maintenance – Vinyl furniture is significantly less expensive to repair.

NOTE: Under the same conditions vinyl will last just as long as sling.

A: This completely depends on the quality of your furniture. If you purchased your furniture at a large discount store such as Costco, Sams Club, Walmart, Home Depot or Lowes, chances are this furniture is NOT worth refinishing. Cost wise you would be better off purchasing new furniture. However, if you purchased a quality product from a brand name company such as Mi-Lor Casual, then your answer is “YES”.This furniture is made to be re-strapped and reslung. By doing so, you will save 40% to 50% over purchasing new!

A: Yes, we offer a hundreds of parts for the repair of outdoor furniture including parts to repair furniture from other manufacturers. This includes replacement vinyl, slings and cushions.
A: Please see our care page HERE:
A: Please read it HERE:
A: In MOST climates our furniture can be left outdoors except for freezing temperatures. In the case of a freeze, our furniture must be stored at a temperature above 32 degrees. Water inside the frames could expand and split the aluminum. Also, vinyl could break if used in freezing weather.
A: Depends on the time of year. In the spring and summer we try to keep an inventory of White on White furniture for immediate ship (when available). However, since 95% of our furniture is made to order we do not stock our furniture. Our typical lead time is 3 to 4 weeks.