Customer Service

  • Pick up and delivery available
  • Refinishing, repair, rust removal, sandblasting and welding performed by our technicians
  • Powder Coating and Sandblasting services
  • Ability to powder coat and sandblast parts up to 35 ft. in length
  • Free quotes, samples and product assessment
  • Competitive pricing and fast turn around
  • Experienced staff servicing commercial and private customers

Colors and Textures

  • Thousands of powder coating colors and textures to choose from, including: Glossy, metallic, clears, flats, veins, hammer tones, candies, glitters, wrinkles, and more!
  • Super durable and marine grade powders available
  • Custom colors available at an additional charge
  • Depending on the application, powders are available in polyester, epoxy, and hybrid formulations. Primers are available as needed.

Quality Control

  • Automated 5 stage pretreatment system ensuring a long lasting, high quality finish
  • Check your substrate for unwanted defects that would keep us from producing the best powder coated finish available.
  • Test adhesion, cure and data pack ovens to maximize product performance
  • Advise you of the proper processes required to give you the best quality finish
  • Personally inspect and “bubble wrap” all powder coated products to minimize shipping damage and insure satisfaction

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